Global Satellite Distribution

SARVASYA, name denotes 'for everyone'. We offer customized and cost-effective distributions solutions to global audiences, optimising content delivery to various geographical regions.

We have tie-ups with the award-winning teleports and satellite providers and able to provide best solutions for the Global Coverage of Satellites for Broadcaster's.

Sarvasya facilitate broadcaster’s having vast inventories of the content to share it in most efficient method to wider geographical foot prints.

We support APAC, MENA, SEAC, SARC, EUROPE and LATAM regions for channel distributions.

We specialise and facilitate in tailoring services of the single channel start-up as well as multiple channels.

Turnaround Up-link & Downlink in SD/HD/UHD/4K.

Satellite Channels Distribution in SD/HD/UHD/4K


Point to Point Fibre connectivity solutions.

Channel Distribution

Sarvasya is giving the distribution solutions to the Broadcaster & Content Aggregators who are keen for eye balls and geographical presence. The content can be placed as per their requirements to various platforms.

The platform selection can be done based on the Geography and presence of migrated audience in that region.

Sarvasya association with various platforms like Telecom, IPTV, MSO, LCO, DTH and OTT. We can help in identifying the best platform space for the content to be placed with statistics of number of subscribers and other relevant parameters.

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System Integration

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Sarvasya gives 360 degree solution for creating the technical infrastructure for the broadcasters.

  • Studio Setup
  • Playout
  • MCR
  • PCR
  • DSNG and Fly way

Strategic Advisory

Sarvasya started with a vision and mission to identify the success gap in broadcaster overall operational functionality.

We approach Broadcasters with an intent to give the one stop solutions for various operational and revenue related issues. Our core team has experience in broadcasting domain and can facilitate broadcaster in all the relevant day to day issues.

Our expertise will help the Broadcasters with:

  1. Placement of Channels on Various Platforms
  2. Content Aggregation
  3. AD Revenues Generation
  4. System Integration & Technical Advisory
  5. Web and Mobile based solutions

Content Aggregation

Content with different flavours for entertainment is the key to success in current scenario where the world is shrinking with advent of new technologies and space.

Sarvasya has been working with an objective to provide content of all the flavours to its broadcaster and other platforms.

Sarvasya has done tie-ups with Global Broadcasters and International Content Providers for the placement of the content on various broadcasters, OTT, IPTV and DTH platforms.

We have repository of Movies, Dramas, Serials, TV Series and Live TV Channels from Russia, Turkey ,India, Europe and USA.

We help both broadcasters and Platforms to bring synergy for each other by giving the content and space for their mutual benefits.

Ad Revenue Generation

Sarvasya is playing an instrumental role in generating the Ad-revenues for the Broadcaster's.

Ad revenue is the only source of revenue streams for the Broadcasters which help them to meet their variable expenses.

The two tier and three tier channels do not have expertise and experience in generating Ad revenues slot for their running channels. Sarvasya generates the revenue slots for these channels by engaging its dedicated team who has acquired and developed relationship with various corporates and Ad-agencies for placement of their exclusive advertisement on various broadcaster platforms.

Sarvasya buy, sub-lease ad revenue slots from channels and place the ads from the corporate and advertising agencies.